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Welcome to QCBC.
If you are interested in learning how to row, or if you are an experienced Oarsman this site will give you much of the information you need to get started at QCBC.

Whether Undergraduate Fresher or Graduate Ordinand, you will all be in the same boat to begin with, literally. Every term new people decide to take up the sport of rowing through QCBC and there is training system in place to get you out on the water, training and competing as quickly as possible. Your first port of call should be the Vice-Captains, see the Committee section for their details. Let them know any useful information, like your availability, level of fitness, any health issues they should be aware off and they will advise you on how best to get started.

The majority of people start rowing in their Fresher term at Queen’s, which begins with a group meeting with the Committee to explain how the club works. Shortly afterwards you will go to the ‘Tank’, a boat set in concrete at the Iffley Road Gym, where the basics will be explained. This will usually be followed by a session on the erg, followed by your first outing. The first outings will involve a crew with a few experienced rowers, and an experienced coxswain in the boat with you. You will at always be accompanied by at least one coach on the bank.

QCBC aims to train you to be a confident oarsman, with a good level of fitness to back up your skills. Once the first week or two of term is over and everyone has had a couple of outings it will be time to decide what level you want to row at. For some a recreational crew will be the most attractive option, with a couple of outings a week to hone your technique. You will enter the novice races at the end of term, and may decide to continue in Hilary and Trinity, with the aim to qualify in a lower division of the Bumps races. Others among you may discover a sport that you really, if you want to do really well at the novice races and progress to the first or second boat next term there will be training appropriate to your goals.
Finally, the social side to QCBC will support you throughout the year. With dinners, crewdates, drinks evenings, barbeques and crew pub trips there will always be something on the horizon to provide a welcome break from work and a chance to meet new people from around Oxford. 

Oarsmen and women
Rowing as a first Eight member at QCBC is a very rewarding experience, where your progression as an Oarsman or women will be supported by a well funded and equipped club with heritage second to none. Email our Captains, whose details may be found on the Committee page for details, and include any relevant information such as your 2K PB, 5K PB, ARA points and long term goals.
Training will begin from the start of term. The First boats focus on Torpids, Eights and external regattas. QCBC is committed to providing a backboard from which athletes can experience a high level of sport, and if they choose, progress onwards to Varsity and National Squads.